Similar to the Japanese concept of “mono no aware” of seeking beauty in the impertinent, we aim to remember and remind the fleeting beauty of time. In our “Let’s Celebrate” card series, we are noting things that we might forget to celebrate. Each card in a way tells us to take life one step at a time, appreciating many forgettable things and be aware of the passing of time along with the memories.

We paint with matcha tea, coffee, gold and sumie ink on paper manufactured in Japan. The cards in this series are one-of-a-kind, which means none of the cards are identical and they are created in limited editions. Their size is 4.25 x 5.5 inches. They have a blank interior and a tan envelope.

We donate 10% of our sales for the education of 11 children in a children’s house in Romania through Amurtel Romania.

Here we are celebrating snow, silence, winter sun, getting warm again, a cup of tea, sipping chocolate:

We also celebrate being home, routines, aging, old friends, the moment before sleep, unknown

We have some other series on celebration:

How about waking up in the morning, today, time, memories, consciousness, dreams?

and impermanence, imperfection, simplicity, modesty, honesty, beauty as it is?

or knowledge, wisdom, mistakes, who you are, imagination, choices?

 When was the last time you smiled when you saw the sky, geese, pear trees, blue flowers, smell of earth after rain, water?

or be thankful about remembering, forgetting, smiling, hugging, understanding, sharing?

Did you ever celebrate fabric, pages in a book, colors, music, smell of a flower, tales?