animals greeting cards series - drawing of birds huddled together on a wire

Winter is a delightful season with many routines, hot chocolate, sweaters, and beauty in abandoned fruits on leafless branches. Drawing on delightful objects that may not be noticed otherwise, we emphasize taking life one step at a time. It is also important for us to show full respect for plants and animals. That is why we created our “Winter Animals” greeting card series as well as our “Winter Fruits” greeting card series.

From our Winter Animals Greeting Card Series:

Two Penguins – Who Will Jump First? It is delightful to find similarities between our behaviors and animals. For example, penguins wait until one jumps or falls, then they jump. People observe not only your choices but also the consequences you experience. We evolved a parallel mechanism to learn how to succeed and how not to fail from others.  (The Influential Mind, Tali Sharot)

Swallows on a Cold Day  – Who knew those little swallows represent freedom and hope and that they were sacred to Isis, Egyptian Goddess – essence of womanly charms?