The ”Teapot Series” was a constant source of delight for me during the last few weeks as I was creating them. Tea always has always had an utmost presence in my life. During my first 20 years in Istanbul, many afternoons started with the orchestrated chiming of mixing sugar in narrow-bellied tea cups. Still when I go back, the smell of tea clings to our conversations with oldest friends. In places we travel, tea had its own memories. A few years ago, one winter day, on a remote trail in Japan, an old man was giving warming tea to passerby in his old hut. He wasn’t asking for anything in return. My daughter and I talk about everything from haikus to fools and kings and it is always over tea served in the teapots we collect. Nowadays, during my long working hours, I find solace in my solo tea ceremonies and evenings always end with a cup of black tea from Turkey. 

So, you see, friendship, childhood, kindness, and comfort all in one cup of tea. 


Monotype series is made by a printing technique that allows one to create prints that can be surprising and quite enjoyable. This black and white series is created by hand on a paper manufactured in Japan. These chic and elegant cards will make a nice gift as an original work of art that can be framed.




This series is created on Kozo paper. I enjoyed watching the flow of ink uncontrollably on paper to create the amazing tones of blues and purples.




On these cards, in addition to our beloved teapots and teacups , we added haikus my daughter and I have written throughout the years. We also added haikus from respected poets from Japan.